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The 2020 Fall Org Fair will be hosted online utilizing Engage’s new virtual involvement fair feature. Similar to an in-person tabling fair where attendees can browse through aisles of tables, the virtual program will allow organizations to host a virtual table (meeting or chat) during a designated time block where attendees drop in at their convenience and then move on to another virtual table.

Your organization’s “virtual table” will be the meeting or chat platform of your choosing. Examples of platforms include: Webex, Zoom, Discord, Skype, Slack, etc. This new tool in Engage will allow organizations to easily register by providing a short promotional blurb and a link to the meeting or chat room that will be used during the fair. 

Screenshot of Org Test Fair in GW Engage



There will be three days of programming with several dedicated blocks of time for participation. Your organization will register for one block of time based on the organization’s preferred category. We are sharing the dates and times in advance so that your organization can begin preparations for creating and staffing your virtual table. Registration information will be posted on this site soon. 

The dates, times, and categories were intentionally created to minimize unnecessary competition with other virtual programming taking place during Weeks of Welcome, as well as other factors, including the number of participating organizations (based on categories) from previous in-person fairs, in order to spread out organizations equitably throughout the days to maximize participation from attendees.

Saturday, September 5
     2:00 - 4:00 PM EDT     Academic | Professional | Student Governance
     4:00 - 6:00 PM EDT     Spirit | Recreation | LGBTQIA+ | Cultural & Ethnic

Sunday, September 6
     2:00 - 4:00 PM EDT     Media | Visual & Performing Arts | Programming | Faith
     4:00 - 6:00 PM EDT     Wellness | Civic Engagement | Advocacy & Awareness

Sunday, September 13
     3:00 - 5:00 PM EDT     Social Fraternity & Sorority Chapters - IFC | MGC | NPHC |PHA


How to Register for the Fall Org Fair

To guarantee listing on the website directory as a participating organization, please register by September 1st. View student organizations already registered for the Fall Org Fair.

Step 1

Log onto Engage and select your organization. Click the “Manage Organization” button at the top right of the screen. Remember, the person registering the organization must have All Access or Events access to the organization’s Engage profile. 

Step 2

 All of the virtual fair categories and time blocks will be listed in the organization’s Action Center under “Upcoming Virtual Fair Events.” Choose ONE time block that best fits your organization’s primary objective. Click the “Sign Up” button for that desired time block.

Screenshot on Engage of Fall Org Fair organization registration.


Step 3

Briefly describe your organization under “Summary.” Provide the “Meet Online Link” for the video chat, Slack, Instagram Live, or other service you will be using to speak with potential new members.

Important: Include the entire web link, including the https:// before your link, otherwise the form will not let you submit. If you do not have the online meeting link, please wait to register when you have the information available. 

Org Fair Registration screenshot showing the summary and online meeting link.


Step 4

Click “Submit” to complete your registration. After submitting the form you will be registered for the Fall Org Fair! Continue to update your organization’s Engage profile and prepare for the fair. If you have any questions during this process, please contact [email protected]

Screenshot of the completed org fair registration.


How your organization can prepare for the virtual program in advance:

  • Appoint a person (or two) to manage the registration and coordination of your virtual table. The designee must have All Access or Events access to the organization’s Engage profile. Your organization’s President automatically receives All Access. Additional access can be granted by creating and assigning new officer positions within the roster.
  • Update your organization’s Engage profile and membership roster. We will be actively encouraging new and returning students to visit Engage before, during, and after the event, so it’s important that the most up to date information is available
  • Decide on one online tool for your “table” and test your technology in advance with your organization members.
  • Appoint multiple members from your organization to be available during your time block.


Frequently Asked Questions 

The Office of Student Life will be staffing a Help Desk during each of the time blocks on all three days of virtual programming to support event participants and attendees. We will do our best to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the event. 

  • Technology errors happen, sometimes without warning, and taking the time to test your links and platforms will help your organization manage your virtual table successfully. 
  • If you run into any problems on the day-of, please contact our Help Desk through the link provided in Engage. 

Organizations may register under another time block that fits their schedule on September 5th or 6th. We recommend that you register on or before September 1st to ensure you'll be listed on the website directory which will help potential members find you within a different time block. If your organization cannot attend any time block while it is live, you may register your organization without a meeting link and your organization will appear with a "Contact" button that will allow potential new members to email your Primary Contact.

If an organization registers for more than one time block, the fair administrator will remove additional registrations so that each organization is only represented at one time block.