GW Late Night

GW Late Night

GW Late Night is a series of evening and weekend events, providing space for students to have fun and socialize, explore new interests, and take a break from academics without the temptation or risks involved with drinking alcohol or being in an environment where alcohol is present.


Purpose of GW Late Night

Using data from the AlcoholEdu® for College module completed by GW first-year and transfer students, the Student Life team works collaboratively to plan fun, inclusive, and engaging late night activities in order to mitigate high-risk drinking behaviors among students and to provide an alternative to drinking.

According to data from the 2022-2023 AlcoholEdu® for College module...

  • 49% of students reported that their on-campus residence was their most common drinking location.
  • 60% of students reported that "having a good time with friends" was the primary reason they chose to drink.
  • Students reported Friday and Saturday as the days of the week they consumed the most alcohol.

Event Criteria

Taking the above data into consideration, GW Late Night events are designed to meet the following criteria:

  • Occur on Friday or Saturday night
  • Take place between 8:00 PM and 2:00 AM
  • Are free and open to every member of the GW community
  • Provide a substance-free environment

Highlights from 2022-2023

Silent Disco

Silent Disco

Game Night

Game Night

Paint Night

Paint Night





unique GW Late Night events during the Fall 2022 semester


students in attendance during the Fall 2022 semester events



Students roller skate in Potomac Square

Skate Night in Potomac Square

"This was the best event that I have attended [to date]. I had so much fun. Thank you so much for organizing this."

Students at the chair dancing event participate in a chair dancing class led by a facilitator from Pole Pressure

Chair Dancing featuring Pole Pressure

"BEST GW EVENT EVER!!!!! I felt so included and confident [and] felt like I fit in, even as a POC and LGBTQ+ student."


Any questions about GW Late Night can be emailed to Health Promotion & Education at [email protected]