GW Late Night

GW Late Night is a series of evening and weekend events, providing space for students to have fun and socialize, explore new interests, and take a break from academics, without the temptation or risks involved with drinking alcohol or being in an environment where alcohol is present.



The 2019-2020 AlcoholEdu for College module, completed by GW's first-year undergraduate and transfer students, provides baseline data that informs the GW Late Night initiative. The data highlighted behaviors among those that consume alcohol, and outlined the need for an initiative to mitgiate these high risk drinking behaviors and to provide an alternative to drinking. The Student Life team works collaboratively together to plan fun, inclusive, and engaging GW Late Night events for the community.

During the 2020-2021 academic year...

GW hosted three in-person and nine virutual GW Late Night events, engaging 148 students. These events included meditative yoga sessions, movie nights, a virtual house party, and more!


Students identified on-campus residence as their most common drinking location.


Students identified "having a good time with friends"as their primary reasons to choose to drink.

Fri. & Sat.

Students identified Fridays and Saturdays as days of the week when most alcohol was consumed.

GW Late Night Events

Event Criteria

  • Events that occur on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night
  • Take place during the hours of 8pm-2am (EST)
  • Open to every member of the GW community
  • Alcohol-free environment