Meeting People & 'FOMO'

There are so many great opportunities to make new friends on campus as you enter your first year at GW! One great resource is the University Calendar, which lists many extracurricular and academic events on campus. Here are some tips for meeting people on campus:

  • Explore Greek life! It's not for everyone, but many people find a Greek life community that they will call home for the duration of their studies at GW. Whether it be social greek life or alternative/academic greek life, there are so many options on campus to find a community that you can feel at home with.
  • Go to the Org Fair! There are hundreds of registered student organizations on campus. Finding one that fits your interests can change your college experience. For a list of student organizations, click here.
  • Meet your neighbors. Your residence hall might be as close and tight-knit as the Hillside, or as full of new faces as Thurston Hall. Make the most of your life on campus by befriending your neighbors!
  • Find a study buddy. When your professor asks the class to pair up with another student to be your group partner, homework buddy or class contact, it is worth embracing that new connection! Having a dedicated study buddy can foster friendship and imporve grades!
  • Go outside and explore DC! Washington, DC has a whole lot to offer. From museums on the National Mall to hanging out in Georgetown, there are so many great places and opportunities to explore your new home.
  • Explore internships and student employment opportunitie. Work-study jobs, internships on the Hill, summer employment and so much more! Gaining professional experience and developing workplace skills alongside your peers can foster lifelong friendships and boost your career. Learn more using Handshake and Career Services.
  • Hang out on campus too! Here's a map of great spots to hang out on GW's campus, circled in yellow:
Foggy Botom Foggy Botom

What is 'FOMO' a.k.a 'Fear of Missing Out'?

FOMO is an informal term that refers to the anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website. FOMO is an unfortunate side effect of the world of social media, but don't let yourself be afraid of missing out! Here are some tips to help reduce the anxiety caused by the inevitable social pressures and excitement of college:

  1. You may not actually be missing out. Social media notoriously exaggerates what's going on in other peoples' lives. It may look like you want to be there, but don't let yourself chase after something that may not be as spectacular as it looks.
  2. Don't glue yourself to your screen. Consuming too much content on social media can make it feel like everyone else is doing awesome and fun things, and you're not there. Free yourself from the pressure caused by this and live in your moment.
  3. Let yourself stay in. Everybody needs to recharge! If you enjoy yourself when you stay in, watch Netflix or read a good book, then don't feel like you need to be doing other things. Focus on yourself!

Your basic needs and personal wellbeing come first. To learn more about how to stay in good health while in school, click here.