Next Stop GW #6- Pre-Move-In

July 13, 2020

Welcome Message

This special edition of Next Stop GW is brought to you by a campuswide team preparing for your arrival onto campus this fall. At the forefront of these efforts is the Campus Living and Residential Education (CLRE) team who are excited for you to join the GW community as you settle into your home on campus next month.

We hope that living in GW’s residence halls will be the starting point for many of the connections and exciting adventures that you experience during your college career, and where many of you will discover new interests and passions.  As we begin this new school year we realize that life in general is a tad unusual and perhaps, for some, overwhelming. At our core, we believe and, we want you to believe, in the strength of our community and our commitment to Raise High so that everyone in our community has the potential to remain safe. As we provide more information about what the move in experience will look like this fall, we pledge to maintain open communication with you so we can all be prepared for this next step.

Earlier, you received an email from us about signing up for a date and time slot for move in. We encourage you to have a conversation with your family, or whomever will be helping you move to campus, to determine which day works best for you to move-in. We also suggest that you sign up for your date and time slot as soon as possible, as we anticipate some days to be more popular than others.  

This issue of Next Stop GW seeks to supplement the scheduling announcement with details about what to pack and bring as you prepare for your arrival to campus. In a later edition at the end of this month, we’ll cover more of the details around what your move in day will look like, logistics, and support.

If at any point this summer or as we begin the academic year you have questions about living on campus, please reach out and ask. The best way to reach us is [email protected].  

Seth Weinshel, Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Living 

Stewart Robinette, Assistant Dean of Students for Residential Education 

GW’s Campus Living and Residential Education Team Leaders

What to Pack or Not to Pack

We know that one of the most exciting parts of getting ready for college is packing. Think about it: you’re grabbing inspiration from everywhere about what you’ll need to build your brand new life as a college student. While it can be super exciting, it can also be overwhelming for many. What do you need to bring with you? What if you forget something? What if it doesn’t fit in your room? 

Check out our quick reference guide of belongings to consider for this upcoming school year.


While we will offer moving carts during move-in days, which we will be regularly cleaning, if you happen to have a dolly or cart, please bring that to assist you. We also suggest bringing some of your own tools from home to help during your room set-up. Screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, mallets, command hooks and those small tweezers to help with your technology set-up may come in handy.  Last but not least, comfy clothes/shoes are all highly recommended.  August in Washington, D.C. is known for its humidity.

Prohibited Items

To keep you and your neighbors healthy and safe, GW prohibits a small number of items in residence halls. Any prohibited items found will be confiscated or discarded or you will be asked to remove the items immediately. Please carefully review GW's Prohibited Items List prior to arriving on campus. In addition to your hoverboard, here are a few examples of items to leave behind:

  • Halogen lamps

  • Candles, incense, and fragrance burners

  • Portable/space heaters

  • Cooking appliances in non-cooking areas

  • Microwaves and refrigerators.  You don’t need them, they are already provided in each room.

Animals are not allowed in the residence halls, except for service animals or other animals approved through Disability Support Services in keeping with the Fair Housing Act that recognizes the importance of assistance animals for students with disabilities. Family pets are NOT an exception. Please do not bring your pet into your residence hall during move-in or any other time throughout the year.

Technology @GW

All GW students living on-campus will also be able to register their Apple TV, Playstation, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Echo, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Smart TVs to GW's gaming and streaming network, GWConnect.  A quick reference guide to technology available on-campus can be found in the Student Buff & Blue Book on page 26.

I wish I would have known then...

We’ve asked some of our student leaders to share their insight about what to pack for a successful first year, and here’s what they recommend:

Zara Rabinovitz, Class of 2021

By far one of the items I have found most helpful in college is just Tupperware! Tupperware very helpful for when you have classes or activities that coincide with meal times since you can easily pack snacks for yourself, and it is more eco friendly than single use plastic containers! Bringing your own food with you to munch on between classes if you can’t get back to your room may be something that we all need to consider this fall if we are all being mindful of ways to help us all be safer as we go about on our daily routines.

Clea McElwain, Class of 2022

My stuffed animal Philip the Sushi! Stuffed animal(s) are a very nice addition to have at college as they are comforting and cute! I love having an adorable plushie friend to hug and remind me of home.

Anthony Vetrano, Class of 2021

One item I would absolutely recommend bringing to college is a good pair of headphones. It is 100% the single item I do not leave home without. They are perfect for both studying around campus and also getting a good night's sleep.

Liam Searcy, Class of 2022

Make sure you bring photos! They make easy decorations as a collage and you can add your new memories to them!

Services to Assist with Your Move

Shipping Items to GW

Shipping essential items to campus ahead of time is an option to consider. Keep in mind that when you arrive, while two family members or friends can help you in the residence hall, only one helper will be allowed into the package pick-up space with you to retrieve your packages. Your belongings should be delivered one week before your move-in date and picked up within a day of your arrival.

Check the Mail and Packages site for more information or send an email with questions.

GW Campus Store

The campus store has everything else you need, including technology upgrades, GW apparel, and textbooks. GW face coverings are also available to show off your buff and blue pride while keeping your community safe.

CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and More

We realize that some students may want to wait until they arrive on campus before buying some of your essential belongings.  To help you with your planning as you arrive: 

  • CVS Pharmacy is located at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave.  There is another CVS located at 2125 E Street.  Both are walking distance from most of our residence halls. 
  • Bed Bath and Beyond. One is located near the Columbia Heights Metro Station in Washington, D.C. and the other is located near Pentagon City in Arlington, VA (3 stops from Foggy Bottom). 
  • Target. One is located in Arlington, VA in Rosslyn which is one Metro stop from Foggy Bottom. The other Target is located near the Columbia Heights Metro in Washington, DC.


GW recommends that every residential student insures their personal property in case of accidents. The University is not responsible for loss of or damage to the personal property brought into the residence halls as outlined in the Housing and License Agreement you acknowledged when you applied for housing. Such personal property may be covered under your parent/guardian’s existing homeowners’ or renters’ insurance, but should be checked and verified in writing by an insurance representative. You can also seek to purchase supplemental college renters’ insurance from various national commercial carriers that provide insurance tailored specifically for college students like yourself. College Renters Insurance is available through GradGuard and features comprehensive coverage for all your college essentials.

Apps to Download

As you prepare to join your classmates on campus, consider getting a head start by downloading the apps listed below. Some, like GW Mobile and MobileID, are absolute necessities, but you’ll almost certainly find them all helpful to you as you navigate your first year at GW and beyond.

  • GW Mobile (Android; iOS): The first place to check for everything you need related to GW. Get quick access to things like orientation information, FixIt, and health resources.
  • CBORD MobileID (Android; iOS): Unlock your residence hall room door with your phone. Great for those moments when you forget your GWorld card in your room.
  • Rave Guardian (Android; iOS): Add an extra measure of safety to your life with an app that includes GW Police Department alerts, emergency contacts, and safety timers.
  • GET Mobile (Android; iOS): Check your GWorld balance, make a deposit, and order food.
  • GW Rider (Android; iOS): Find out when Mount Vernon Express shuttles are arriving and schedule a Safe Ride trip.
  • Blackboard (Android; iOS): Stay in the know about assignments, course materials, and class discussions.
  • Wepa Print (Android; iOS): Easy access to printing across campus.
  • Touch of SAGE (Android; iOS): SAGE manages dining at Pelham Commons and Higher Grounds Café on the Mount Vernon Campus. Use this app to find out what’s on the menu.
  • TwentyTables (Android; iOS): Use your GW Dining Cash to get deals at food trucks on campus and other locations.
  • Grubhub (Android; iOS): GW Dining Cash now works with Grubhub too! Under the “My Grubhub” tab, click the gear settings icon at the top and then click “Campus dining” to get started.

Living in the Halls

Now that you have information on how to help prepare for your physical move onto campus, we know that you want to know more about settling into your room after you actually move in.  

At the start of the year your Resident Advisor (RA) will work with you to create  roommate agreements that will be utilized throughout the year, and will discuss shared expectations for the community. As a member of the community, your involvement in these conversations will be important and will contribute to a positive living environment.  

The transition to college and living in a new place, while exciting, can be full of questions and uncertainties. This year, we will also be navigating the uncertainties of living on campus during a pandemic. In order to keep our community safe, GW will be adhering to safety guidelines recommended by health officials, which will require all community members to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines. In addition, residential common spaces (lounges) will be restricted and limited and community members will not be able to gather in large groups within the residence halls. The university is working on a very detailed campus operations plan that is currently under development and we will be sharing those details with you as quickly as possible.

Expect to have questions, to be challenged, and to feel a bit lost at times. Every college student experiences these at some point as they adapt to a new residential community. Despite these changes, you will still learn a great deal from one another and you will develop meaningful relationships with the live-on team of students, staff, and faculty in your residential community. Living on campus is an enriching aspect of student life at GW and it is important we each do our part to keep one another healthy and safe. We are looking forward to being part of your experience this fall.    Raise High!

Office Spotlight

Student Financial and Registration Services

We understand that for some, the events of this past spring and summer may have brought upon some unexpected financial hardship for some of our students and families.  Undergraduate students and/or their families who are experiencing a significant change in financial circumstances because of a student or family member's job loss that would dramatically alter a family's Expected Family Contribution (EFC) towards paying for your college education should submit the 2020-21 Appeal Form to the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Please include a letter to provide an explanation of your change in circumstances.

Student Financial and Registration Services, part of the Student Services Hub, is an integrated student services organization designed to assist students, family members, and the GW community in person and via email ([email protected]) and phone (202-994-9000) with navigating administrative processes related to financial aid, billing, and class registration for current students. Our team members are cross-trained in these three areas to ensure a seamless service experience and resolve inquiries at the first point of contact whenever possible. The Student Services Hub, the in-person service center, is located in the Marvin Center.

Tuesday Talks Webinar Reminder:  The team from the Student Service Hub will be the featured speakers on Tuesday, July 21 at 1 p.m. EST for a Finances 101 webinar. Visit the Tuesday Talks website to learn more.

New Student Orientation News & Updates

We are excited to announce our plans for Orientation 2020! Starting August 1, we will launch a comprehensive month-long virtual Orientation experience that will consist of an online module with interactive content and virtual live events. Your Orientation schedule will be based on your move-in schedule. Visit our website for more details. The next edition will include more information about Orientation - what to expect and how to prepare, O-Team introductions, and more!

We can't wait to meet you!  -GW Orientation Team