Personal Health & Wellbeing

The Center for Student Engagement seeks to support students to maintain a healthy lifestyle while studying at GW. Taking control of ones stress is easier said than done, but there are a few steps students can take to mitigate the stress that may come with striving for success on campus.

  1. Find the balance that works for you. Juggling internships, classes, on-campus jobs, social life, sleep and healthy eating can be a challenge. Find the time to prioritize what comes first for you.
  2. Get and stay organized. Planners, calendars, notecards, to-do lists! There are so many options and creative solutions to keeping track of your professional, academic and personal development. Finding an organizational solutions that works for you and turning that into a healthy habit can help clear your mind of stressful clutter.
  3. Take control of your life. If you don't feel good, it's crucial to not let your phyiscal health succumb to your stressors. Simple tasks like budgeting your GWorld funds, getting enough sleep, developing and maintaining a respectful roommate relationship and surrounding yourself with positive people will prove drastically beneficial to you over time.

If you find yourself or a peer in need of prompt support, the George Washington University offers multiple outlets for students to seek help when in need.

  • The Colonial Health Center offers Counseling and Psychological Services year round on the Foggy Bottom campus and on the Mount Vernon Campus during the academic year. Click here for information about location and hours for Counseling and Psychological Services. No appointment is needed for counseling, but to make an appointment for other health services, visit this website.
  • GW Listens is a student-run peer support network for those experiencing psychological health difficulties. To phone in to the hotline, call (202) 242-8255 between 9:00 AM and 1:00 AM, Sunday to Tuesday, during the academic year. Visit the GW Listens website to learn more.
  • The GW CARE Network is a university-operated support network for students in need of support. Students, parents, faculty and staff can identify students that may need additional support through an online form. Based on the type of support needed, a student is connected to a trained staff member who works with them one-on-one for as long as they may need the help. To learn more or submit a CARE report, visit the CARE Network website.

Staying in good physical shape is just as important as maintaining good psychological health.

  • The Lerner Health and Wellness Center on the Foggy Bottom Campus is an excellent resource for staying physically healthy. For hours of operations, click here.
  • The West Hall Fitness Center on the Mount Vernon Campus is great for students who are looking for a more private experience with exercising. For hours of operations, click here.
  • If you are feeling under the weather, make an appointment or inquire with the Colonial Health Center. To make an appointment, visit the Colonial Health Center website.

Administrator-On-Call Program

The Division of Student Affairs operates a 24/7 Administrator-on-Call system for after-hours response to students in crisis, campus emergencies, and situations that potentially compromise the healt