Raise Up GW Committee

Trustees Gate

The Raise Up GW Committee consists of 4 working groups and 20 committee members representing 7 university departments/units. These members work together to outline strategic plans and programming related to Raise Up GW. If you are interested in learning more about the Raise Up GW Committee, please email [email protected]

Working Groups

Facilitates wellbeing activities directed at students, faculty, and staff


  • Shannen Johnson - Substance Use Intervention & Recovery Services Program Associate
  • Andre Julian - Director, Lerner & Campus Recreation
  • Zareena Khan - Program Associate, Health Promotion & Education
  • Zackery Love - GW Capital Peer, Student Representative
  • Beth Tuckwiller - Associate Professor
  • Anissa Williams - GW Capital Peer, Student Representative
  • Kimberly Williams - Stakeholder Engagement Associate
  • Christian "Mac" Manning - Program Manager, GW Military & Veteran Services
  • Dania Castro - Program Manager, Service & Social Innovation, Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement & Public Service

Supports the work of the Raise Up GW Committee by communicating activities and funding needs to upper administration 


  • Meghan Chapple - Director, Sustainability
  • Saray Smalls - Senior Health Promotion and Education Program Associate

Facilitates student wellbeing assessments to determine the success of Raise Up GW


  • Nicole Davy - Nurse Practitioner
  • Kiran Edelstein - Assistant Director, Student Support
  • Tamara Henry - Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Stewart Robinette - Assistant Dean of Students
  • Mallory McPherson-Wehan - Senior Fitness and Wellness Coordinator

Develops web-based content and promotional materials


  • Niema Eaves - Communications Coordinator, Marketing and Engagement
  • Victoria Heithaus - Assistant Director, Events & Marketing
  • Dan Wright - Area Coordinator, Mount Vernon Campus