Requirements & Resources

Student Organization Requirements

Fall Registration

Because officer positions and other organizational profile items did not migrate over automatically, we are requiring that every organization update their profile information and officers through a fall registration process annually in September. Organizations that fail to complete this process will be considered inactive.

Fall Advisor Meeting

All registered student organizations must complete a Fall Advisor Meeting annually by October in order to remain registered and retain eligibility for funding, space reservations, and more. This meeting serves as an orientation to available resources and provides information about policies and processes that are critical to every organization.

If your organization has an assigned staff advisor: Schedule time with that staff member to hold the Fall Advisor Meeting.

If your organization works with the Staff Advisor Team: Hold your Fall Advisor Meeting at the Student Organization Resource Desk anytime during our drop-in hours.

Five Excellence in Leadership Seminar Sessions

All student organizations must complete five Excellence in Leadership Seminar sessions annually by mid-March in order to remain a registered student organization.  

Spring Registration

All student organizations must indicate their intent to remain active for the following academic year by completing the annual spring registration process through Engage in March.

Policy Overview

The policies outlined here represent some of those most frequently referenced and is not inclusive of all policies* and processes. For an inclusive listing of policies governing student organizations, please consult the Student Organization Handbook (PDF) and the Student Code of Conduct.

There are a number of written guides available to all student organizations to assist with understanding how to use the Engage platform, as well as overall organization management. 

Need assistance managing your org? Use this information or contact [email protected] or visit the Student Org Resource Desk on the 5th floor of the Marvin Center from 11:00am-5:00 pm, Mon-Fri). The Desk is currently closed for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester.

Staff advisors provide support and guidance to your organization, its leaders, and its members on a range of topics from student organization policies and processes to conflict mediation, officer transition, fundraising, and recruitment. All student organizations will have full access to the advisors at the Student Organization Resource Desk, [email protected], the Excellence in Leadership Seminar, and online guides. In addition to these resources, some organizations will be assigned a specific staff advisor based upon individualized needs and criteria such as levels of spending and programming.

Who is my staff advisor? 

You can view your organization's staff advisor assignment in your organization's profile within Engage - if your group does not have an assigned staff advisor, the name will read "Staff Advisor Team." This means that your organization should seek support from the Student Organization Resource Desk and [email protected]. These modes of support are staffed and monitored on a daily basis (Mon-Fri) by a large team of trained staff advisors and are designed to increase access to quality support and efficiency of service.

A contract is required anytime a student organization is entering into an agreement to pay an external service provider (speaker, DJ, etc). Students may not sign contracts. 

Contract = any agreement with an external service provider. Contracts are legally binding and enforceable by law.

  • To start the process, make initial arrangements with a vendor, then complete the contract information sheet (PDF) and send it to your assigned staff advisor or [email protected].
  • Students are not permitted to sign any type of agreement with external service providers – including speakers, caterers, venues, DJs, etc. Your advisor will ensure the appropriate contract is created and then forwarded to the correct person for signature, so plan to involve your advisor.
  • Contracts MUST be submitted for signature at least 7 business days in advance of an event. Plan ahead.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) = formal agreement between two or more parties; not legally binding. Use for Profit Shares to help solidify arrangement and confirm date/time.

Active student organizations at GW are required to store and manage their funds through their portal in Engage. There are two sources from which student organizations can access funding: 

  • The organization’s Revenue Account: Money raised by the organization via dues, fundraisers, donations, etc. Accessible in the organization’s Engage portal. This money rolls over year-to-year.

  • Student Association (SA) Account: Money allocated to the organization from the Student Association fee. These allocations are made each spring for the following academic year and do not roll over year-to-year. Student Association money should be spent in line with the organization’s budgeted line items submitted with their allocation request. To request a change in line items, complete the “line item transfer” form on Engage.

To spend money from either account, submit a spending request on Engage. Read the complete guide (PDF) to submitting spending requests. Ensure that proper documentation is attached to each spending request. Instructions for each payment type can be found within the Engage spending request form.



Reimbursements for payments older than 30 days will not be accepted. Student organizations are strongly discouraged from paying for items out of pocket.


Student Org Finance Desk

The Student Org Finance Desk is open for walk-in support regarding any student organization finance-related questions.

Student organizations can also email [email protected] for support.


SA Funding Requests

Outside of annual SA student organization allocations, orgs can request funding from the SA by teaming up with another student organization(s) and applying for an SA co-sponsorship (i.e. additional funds). Co-sponsorship requests should be submitted in Engage by submitting a budget request under your org’s Treasury.

All organizational events with alcohol must be registered with GW. To register, you must create an event (PDF) through your Engage portal and answer “Yes” to the question at the end of the event creation form that asks if there will be alcohol served at your event.

  • Registration for Events with Alcohol forms must be submitted at least nine business days prior to the event.

  • Organizations must have sober monitors in proportional numbers for anticipated attendees (1:25 for undergraduate organizations and 1:50 for graduate organizations).

  • Student organizations hosting an event with alcohol must provide food and non-alcoholic beverages to event attendees.

Read the full Events with Alcohol policy (PDF) .

All promotional items (t-shirts, hats, mugs, etc.) that include a GW institutional mark must follow the guidelines set forward by GW’s Marketing & Creative Services. To find a full guide, search Engage for ‘merchandise.’

Merchandise must be purchased through an approved vendor.

  • After you design your artwork, you must have it approved by GW Licensing and Trademarks Program either by submitting online at or emailing [email protected].
  • CustomInk and Promoversity are University partners and can set up custom fundraising sites for organizational merchandise.

GW's poster policy can be found online through Campus Living and Residential Education.

GW’s Student Association offers free use of their printing and copying services to student orgs wanting to make pamphlets, flyers, and posters for general use around campus. Student org printing is free for 500 sheets of paper per week, per org. Submit your printing request on Engage using the Printing Form. Pick up print jobs at the SA office (Marvin 427) during SA office hours, posted on the Student Association website. Please note, only SA Office Assistants are allowed to use the SA printer.

The SA also offers free rentals of various marketing and office supplies to registered student organizations as a part of their commitment to supporting student organizations. Supplies include: tape, scissors, staplers, markers, expo markers, pens, and more as availability allows. 

Learn more on the Student Association’s website.

All student organization travel outside of DC’s I-495 Beltway must be registered at least 10 business days in advance.

  • Travel is registered via Engage (in the Forms tab, find “Student Org Domestic Travel Registration” at the top of the list of forms).
  • Travel registration must be accompanied by the Travel Participation Waiver (PDF) , which includes a signature and emergency contact for each student traveling.
  • International travel has a different procedure that must be completed 8 weeks prior to travel. You must speak with your advisor. Utilize the International Travel Policy Guide (PDF) in the Org Help portal in Engage.
  • Unregistered trips are not eligible for reimbursement and put the organization’s registration status at risk
  • Travel accommodations are booked in Engage as part of a purchase request. 

If you will be driving on behalf of your organization:

Any student driving on behalf of a student organization must be an authorized driver. Students should complete the authorized driver application (PDF) , sign it, and submit it to their advisor/Engage along with a copy of their driver’s license. Following submission, students will be prompted to complete an online driver safety training and the Office of Health and Safety will conduct a Motor Vehicles Records (MVR) check. Students are not authorized to drive until they receive a notification. The process can take several weeks.

  • Only students who are 20+ and an authorized driver may drive Enterprise rental cars for their student organization. Enterprise is the only rental car company authorized for use by GW student orgs.
  • Each authorized driver is approved to drive a maximum of 250 miles at a time. Traveling in excess of 250 miles requires a change of drivers. If an organization is driving in excess of 500 miles round trip, an overnight stay is required.

Reserving Space

Student organizations registered with the Division for Student Affairs Office of Student Life can reserve space for meetings, events, and other activities through three main departments: Events & Venues, Academic Scheduling, and Mount Vernon Campus Reservations. 

Events & Venues manages all requests to reserve space for the following campus venues:

  • District House
  • Marvin Center
  • Lisner Auditorium
  • Jack Morton Auditorium
  • City View & State Room
  • Mitchell Theater
  • Shenkman & South Hall Community Rooms
  • Outdoor space

Any member listed within your student organization roster within Engage can log-in to the online reservation system to book space. Students serving as schedulers for their organization are expected to be knowledgeable of all applicable policies.

Academic Scheduling manages all requests to reserve space for all academic buildings (Duques, Phillips/Rome, etc.).

NOTE: several academic spaces have event spaces that are managed separately by the School.

Authorized schedulers are any member or officer designated with the "Scheduler" position within Engage. 

The Mount Vernon Campus manages all requests to reserve space for:

  • Ames Hall
  • Post Hall
  • West Hall
  • Hand Chapel
  • Eckles Library
  • Webb Building

Any member listed within your student organization roster within Engage can log-in to the online reservation system to book space.


Additional Support

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can help!

Contact the Staff Advisor Team

Our team of trained Advisors offers support to all student organizations. If you have a question, need assistance with Engage, or are facing a challenge with your organization, you can reach us at [email protected]. We do our best to respond within 1-2 business days.

Org Help in Engage

Check out the Org Help portal in Engage for lots of guides and resources.

Student Organization Resource Desk

The Student Organization Resource Desk provides drop-in support for student organizations.

The Student Organization Resource Desk is currently closed, but your student organization can still receive support from the Staff Advisor Team by emailing [email protected].

Student Organization Finance Desk

The Student Organization Finance Desk provides drop-in support for student organization finances, and is a great place to go if groups have question about their finances or who have an approved request and need to make a purchase. You can reach the finance team via email at [email protected]

The Student Organization Finance Desk is currently closed, but your student organization can still receive support from the Finance Team by emailing [email protected].​​​​​​​




* Failure to follow the policies of the Division for Student Affairs, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Events & Venues, or any other University entity may result in both organizational and individual consequences. The consequences for violating policies, or not properly following procedures, are determined on a case-by-case basis. In the event it is believed that a University policy was violated by a student organization, Student Rights and Responsibilities will be notified. All other policy violations and procedural issues will be dealt with by the DSA. If you have any questions about a particular policy, please contact your student organization's staff advisor, call us at 202-994-6555, or email [email protected]. Staff advisors are listed on each organization's Engage profile.