Social Well-being

three people icons groups together

Social Well-being is the ability to build meaningful connections with and feel a sense of belonging to the GW community by establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with others.

Ways to engage your social well-being during the virtual learning period:

Virtual Resources

  • Articles, Blogs, and Websites
    • The Conversation
      • In the age of social distancing maintaining social connections is important now more than ever! This article gives tips on ways to maintain/increase our social engagement. What are some ways you are engaging in social relationships?
    • 9 Social Distancing Activities That Are Actually Fun
      • Fun activities to do with friends virtualy. Activities include cooking compeitions, book clubs, art projects,and home workouts engaging with friends
  • Apps
    • Longwalks
      • This 'group journal' app allows you to complete short, daily prompts with the important people in your life in order to strengthen your relationships, improve your emotional wellbeing, and have more meaningful conversations.
    • Houseparty