Social Wellbeing

Social Wellbeing

Social wellbeing is the ability to build meaningful connections with and feel a sense of belonging to the GW community by establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with others.


Social Wellbeing Resources

GW Resources

Campus Events


Check out Engage to find events that interest you! You can also peruse the University Calendar to find events from other departments on campus.

GW Late Night

GW Late Night is a series of FREE evening and weekend events that provide space for students to have fun and socialize, explore new interests, and take a break from academics without the temptation or risks involved with drinking alcohol or being in an environment where alcohol is present.

Student Life Traditions

Take part in GW traditions like Midnight Breakfast, Fountain Day, and more.

Intramural Sports

GW Campus Recreation Intramural Sports offers sports such as indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, wiffleball, and flag football, just to name a few. It is free for students to play, leagues are offered multiple days of the week, and it is also a great way to meet new people with similar interests!

Involvement & Leadership

Get involved in one of GW's 500+ clubs and organizations, join a fraternity or sorority, develop your leadership skills, and more.

Beyond GW


Find local clubs, organizations, and events related to your interests and passions.

Responsible Drinking

For students over 21, who may be consuming alcohol, these are tips to remind them to drink responsibly. Students may also be engaging in digital happy hours and "drinking challenges" online, so this site can serve as a reminder of the risks of binge drinking and how to set proper limits.


Find volunteer opportunities through or

Self-Help Tools

Coping with Social Anxiety

Coping with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) help can come in many forms. While not a substitute for professional treatment, self-help is a good starting point. The self-help strategies for social anxiety disorder outlined in this article can be used at home to overcome your symptoms.

Learn More: Social Anxiety

Longwalks App

Longwalks App

This app allows you to complete short, daily prompts with the important people in your life in order to strengthen your relationships and have more meaningful conversations.

Learn More: Longwalks App

What is Sober Curiosity?

What is Sober Curiosity?

Do you often wonder what life would be like without alcohol? Do you use alcohol to overcome social anxiety? Do you question why alcohol is present at every event? Do you hate the all-or-nothing mentality that comes with sobriety? Sober curiosity might be for you.

Learn More: Sober Curiosity


Consider the following podcasts to further explore social wellbeing topics that interest you!

Eugene O’Kelley’s account of his experience of the end of his life is a reminder that our time and energy are limited, and we need to make sure to give them to the people who matter most to us.


Listen to Little Happier