Student Organization Requirements

Update Engage Profile 

At the start of each academic year, every organization must update their profile information and officers in Engage. This will ensure your organization receives regular updates and important information throughout the year. Organizations that fail to complete this process may miss vital communications about resources, policies, and registration requirements.

Fall Officer Orientation and *Advisor Meeting

All registered student organizations must complete an online Fall Officer Orientation module annually in order to remain registered and retain eligibility for funding, space reservations, and more. The president (or equivalent position) and one other officer must complete the orientation by Friday, October 30, 2020. This online module serves as an orientation to available resources and provides information about policies and processes that are critical to every organization.

Launch Fall Officer Orientation

*If your organization has an assigned staff advisor, you must schedule time with that staff member to hold the Fall Advisor Meeting by October. This meeting is an opportunity to set expectations and discuss goals and needs for the year. If your organization is assigned to Org Help, you do not need to schedule a meeting.

Five Excellence in Leadership Sessions (ELS)

All student organizations must complete five Excellence in Leadership Sessions annually by mid-March in order to remain a registered student organization. One session must be a Title IX designated session. This year, organizations will receive one ELS credit for completing the Fall Officer Orientation. 

ELS Survey for the Diversity Summit

Looking to receive ELS credit for a Diversity Summit sessions you attended? You can complete the form for up to 3 sessions you attended during the summit; please summit a new form for each session. 

Track your Org's ELS Credits

The document is updated after a student submits a survey after attending a session. Please allow 1-2 weeks after attending ELS. 

Spring Registration

All student organizations must indicate their intent to remain active for the following academic year by completing the annual spring registration process through Engage in March.