Student Organization Requirements

Fall Organization Requirements Deadline Has Passed

Organizations that have failed to complete any of the Fall requirements have been considered inactive and their Engage accounts have been frozen. Please contact Org Help with any questions you may have about the status of your organization.

View the Student Organization Requirement Tracker here!


Update Engage Profile 

At the start of each academic year, every organization must update its profile information and officers in Engage. This will ensure your organization receives regular updates and important information throughout the year. Organizations that fail to complete this process may miss vital communications about resources, policies, and registration requirements.

Fall Advisor Meeting (if applicable)

If your organization has an assigned Staff Advisor, you must schedule time with that staff member to hold the Fall Advisor Meeting. This meeting is an opportunity to set expectations and discuss goals and needs for the year. If your organization is assigned to Org Help, you do not need to schedule a meeting. This meeting must be completed by Friday, October 14.

Student Organization Officer Training Days

Each President and Financial Officer of an organization will be required to attend mandatory in-person organization officer training. If you serve as a President or Financial Officer for multiple organizations, you can represent those multiple orgs. All Student Organization Officer Training Days have passed for the Fall 2022 semester. The last provided Training Day is Friday, November 4.

Two Excellence in Leadership Sessions (ELS)

All student organizations must complete two different Excellence in Leadership Sessions by the annual student organization re-registration deadline (March 10, 2023) in order to remain an active student organization. Both in-person and virtual sessions will be available. View the schedule on the EngageTip: Log in and filter by category to view the full ELS schedule.

In order to receive credit for your organization, at least one officer (listed on Engage) must attend the session and list the organization(s) they are representing. Officers can represent up to two organizations per each session. 

While only one officer is required to attend, we welcome and strongly encourage additional officers and members to attend any ELS session!

Spring Re-Registration

All student organizations that wish to continue operating the next school year must complete the annual spring requirements. The re-registration process takes place in the Spring and this academic year's deadline is April 2, 2023. These requirements include:

  • Complete the Engage registration form 
  • Attend two ELS workshops
  • Updating your constitution, ensuring it has the four required clauses