SUMMIT Outdoor Challenge Course

SUMMIT update for the University's virtual learning period:

Due to GW moving to vitual learning and suspending all on-campus events and activities, SUMMIT will be CLOSED until further notice. Thank you for understanding! Please visit GW’s COVID-19 Resource Page for information about changes to university services. 

updated 3/26/2020

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To see SUMMIT in action, check out this video!

Whether you've been working together for months or just met each other yesterday, the SUMMIT challenge course is a great opportunity for your team or organization to connect outside of your typical interactions. If you're looking for a challenge and a way to have some fun, you'll find both at SUMMIT!

SUMMIT utilizes a variety of activities including icebreakers team initiatives, problem solving, and advanced challenges. All of these methods help to teach and reinforce team concepts such as communication, creative problem solving, and conflict resolution. Because our program is intended to have a low level of intensity for most participants, our activities take place either on the ground, or a few feet above the ground -- we do not offer activities such as zip-lining, climbing towers, etc.

Throughout the session, debrief activities are lead by SUMMIT facilitators. During these discussions, lessons learned during the program are integrated into useful applications to real life situations. We won't just talk about teamwork; we'll give you an opportunity to live it, to practice it, and to learn what it means for you!

Potential benefits and outcomes of bringing a group to SUMMIT:

  • Increase in comfort level with healthy risk-taking
  • Application of learning theories
  • Creation of a positive, productive, and energetic work environment
  • Conflict resolution
  • Creative problem solving
  • Increase in group motivation, success and efficiency 
  • Improvement in group dynamics and teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Group cohesion and bonding
  • Build trust
  • Have fun!


If you would like more information about how SUMMIT would work to achieve your group's goals or if you are unsure if SUMMIT is an appropriate fit for your group, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we would be happy to discuss the course further with you.


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