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About Us

TRAiLS is GW’s outdoor leadership program that is committed to connecting the GW community to the outdoors. Join TRAiLS on one of our weekend trips or on an extended break for a longer immersive outdoor experience. Looking for a community on campus? Join our outdoor community, TRAiLS Den, for free community events and meetings around the DC area. And if you are looking for a leadership opportunity, apply to be a TRAiLS guide in Fall 2020, currently only open to first year and Sophomore undergraduate students.


The TRAiLS Den offers monthly meetings and activty-based events that are open to all member of the GW community, regardless of outdoor related experience. Through TRAiLS Den, we aim to incread inclusivity and accessibility within the outdoors and encourage all our members to get outdoors! Join our Facebook group for updates about the outdoor community at GW.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the TRAiLS Den, but not sure where to start, email Ryley Grapham, our community Liasison at [email protected].


Interested in receiving weekly updates from us on upcoming trips and events on campus? Subscribe to our newsletter, the Trailblaze, please email your name and email at [email protected]

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