Emotional Well-Being

two icons of faces, one smiling and one frowning

Emotional Well-being is the ability to navigate life’s stressors in emotionally adaptive ways through increased cognitive flexibility, a sense of agency, and emotional regulation.

Ways to engage your emotional well-being during the virtual learning period:

Utilize Campus Services 

  • Counseling Consultations
    • Students can access Counseling and Psychological Services at the Colonial Health Center 24/7 by calling 202-994-5300. CAPS clinicians will provide emotional support and can direct students toward local resources. Should the student be located within the District of Columbia, the clinician and student can consult around the appropriateness of short term teletherapy through CAPS. 
  • Advocacy Services 
  • Find mental health providers in your area 

Virtual Resources 

  • Podcasts
  • Articles, Blogs, and Websites
    • Emotional Intelligence Toolkit
      • During times of stress and uncertainty, tuning in to your thoughts and feelings can help you naveigate the stress and feel a tad more balanced. This link is a free program that offers tools to help people better manage their stress and emotions. It offers tips and a few meditation activities to help students tune in and regulate. 
    • Tips for Navigating COVID
      • A short article that offers suggestions on how to adjust during this pandemic. It gives reminders to readers to take time for themselves and to be kind and connect to others during this stressful time! 
    • Fun Articles to Manage Anxiety
      • Sarah Knight is a New York Times bestselling author, who hilariously shares struggles with anxiety and depression while providing readers with tips on how to calm themselves and take control over their emotions. 
    • Ten things you can for your mental health
      • Quick tips for improvement or sustaining balance in terms of your mental health. These tips cover multiple dimensions of health and act as a reminder of what is important to continue to do in times of stress. 
  • Apps
    • Happify
      • Happify includes tools and programs developed by scientists in the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help you manage your thoughts and feelings.
    • Virtual Hope Box
    • Headspace