Peer Health Education

Capital Peers, Making Wellness Monumental


Through events, workshops, marketing campaigns and more, Capital Peers serve as educators and role models for GW students related to all things health and wellness. Students who participate in the Capital Peers program are nationally certified peer educators through the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) affiliate, BACCHUS Network.

Vision and Mission of Capital Peers

The vision for the Capital Peers is to be a preeminent group of student leaders who influence and inspire GW students to prioritize health and wellness within themselves and the GW student community. GW Capital Peers are a diverse group of students whose mission is to educate, promote, and inspire GW students to live healthy lives. Through education and outreach on various college student health topics, Capital Peers equip their peers to practice healthy living to help them achieve success in college.

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Executive Board

2023-24 Academic Year
Co-Presidents Victoria Pham & Katie Vinson
Vice President, Membership Mariam Chaudry
Vice President, Communications Lora Lewis
Vice President, Outreach Dana-Lee Harrington
Secretary Allie Chetta
Podcast Manager Jillian Noble

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Capital Peers are part of the Office of Student Life and support the Division for Student Affairs through:

  • Acting as a positive role model for other students by participating in healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors
  • Providing an open-minded and nonjudgmental approach to health and well-being topics with GW students
  • Offering education about available resources to students looking for or needing extra support

How do I become a Capital Peer?

Applications for the Capital Peers program are available during the fall semester. Selected applicants must participate in the Certified Peer Educator training program developed by NASPA's BACCHUS Network in January. After successful completion of the program, students will become Certified Peer Educators and are expected to serve a minimum of two semesters as a Capital Peer.

In addition to becoming a Certified Peer Educator, students participating in the Capital Peers program will develop valuable leadership skills, such as:

  • Event planning
  • Public speaking
  • Creating, organizing, and implementing health promotion campaigns and initiatives
  • Goal setting and evaluation of health education outcomes
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Networking with student organizations and university departments
  • Working with a diverse student body

Eligibility Criteria

Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply to the Capital Peers program. Students must also meet the following criteria to apply or be a part of the Capital Peers program.

The student must be in good academic standing with the university:

  • Not on academic probation
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Be in good conduct standing with the university

The student must serve as a positive role model and be representative of the Division for Student Affairs in the following ways:

  • Model desired behaviors for peers
  • Display team-oriented behavior
  • Possess a positive attitude
  • Demonstrate an openness to learning, growing, and working with students of diverse backgrounds

If you have any questions about the Capital Peers program, please email [email protected].