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To be well at the George Washington University is to honor the dynamic process of change and growth that involves building resilience, persistence, and positivity in the face of challenges. Raise Up GW is our initiative dedicated to helping students engage in a comprehensive well-being experience across campus. We empower our students to actively engage in well-being activities that are supportive of holistic lifestyles. Through this initiative, students will gain an understanding of resources and learn how to help others in need.

Dimensions of Well-being

We are still dedicated to helping you prioritize your well-being during the virtual learning period. As you browse through these dimensions of well-being, you will have the ability to identify virtual campus services, virtual programming, and online well-being resources to aid you in finding a healthy balance during this time.


Well-being Summer Series

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The Raise Up Summer Series encourages you to think about your holistic well-being and connect with the GW community throughout the summer. Each week, you can meet a member of the Capital Peers, learn tips and tricks to engage your well-being, and contribute to a weekly playlist created by GW students! Make sure to follow @StudentLifeAtGW so you can #RaiseUp all summer long!


Well-being Summer Series



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We want to hear how you are maintaining your well-being during this virtual learning period! Tell us your well-being story to be featured on our website.


Nikki Vivek

Nikki Vivek

Hometown: Dublin, OH
Dimension: Physical Well-being

It can be hard to be active when the gym is closed, but we can find other creative ways to move our bodies. I’ve been working on a headstand everyday. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 30, a little routine makes sure I get some movement in my day and gives me something to look forward to doing!

Zack Love

Zack Love

Hometown: Talladega, AL
Dimension: Social Well-being

As an extrovert, being asked to stay away from others because of COVID-19 has been hard for my social well-being. For me to stay socially engaged while stuck inside, I intentionally schedule myself time every day to reach out to a friend. Be it through Facetime, a text, or a platform like Netflix Party, I make it a key part of my day to stay connected with the people I care about. We may be thousands of miles apart, but we are never truly alone.

Julia Hyatt

Julia Hyatt

Hometown: North Rockland, NY
Dimension: Physical Well-being

During COVID-19, I’ve prioritized my physical well-being by being proactive about my responsibilities so I can fit in extra time for physical activity. Usually, I go on walks around my block or do some indoor exercises to keep myself active and alert throughout the day.


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