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Well-being & Support




To be well at GW is to honor the dynamic process of change and growth that involves building resilience, persistence, and positivity in the face of challenges.










Engaging in Well-being Initiatives has been an incredible experience



“Moving from a small town in Louisiana to DC was a new and exciting transition for me. I joined a sorority,  lived with my best friends, and worked in a comfortable environment.  

[Over time], things didn't feel right. I began questioning my major and I felt disengaged with the rest of the GW community; I was no longer thriving. This realization led me to the Milken School of Public Health. The in-class conversations sparked my passions and my professors inspired me. It was then that I decided to serve with the Health Promotion and Education Office as a peer educator. I wanted to help fellow students find agency in their health decisions.  The Capital Peers peer education program became the perfect outlet for me to share resources, promote well-being, and eliminate misinformation about health behaviors around campus. I’ve enjoyed working on the Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships task force by providing free contraceptives and applicable safety measures for online dating. Engaging in well-being initiatives has been an incredible experience for me thus far and I eagerly look forward to what the next year will bring!”


Mary Grace Holloway, Capital Peer
Class of 2021


Capital Peers



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