Physical Well-being

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Physical Well-being is the ability to take care of your body in a way that maximizes optimal health over a sustained period of time.

Ways to engage your physical well-being during the virtual learning period:

Utilize Campus Services 

  • Telemedicine 
    • Students can access Medical Services at the Colonial Health Center 24/7 by calling 202-994-5300. Medical support includes referrals for specialty care, prescriptions, medical and immunization requests, student health insurance questions and coverage. The Center’s clinicians are also able to assist students with COVID-19 questions and medical concerns.
  • Teladoc 
    • Students on GW’s Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan have access to telemedicine through Teladoc

Virtual Resources

  • Podcasts
    • TED Talks Daily: "Why sleep matters now more than ever"
      • April 1, 2020
      • Sharing wisdom and debunking myths, sleep scientist Matt Walker discusses the impact of sleep on mind and body and details practices you can start (and stop) doing tonight to get some rest.
    • Sleep With Me
      • Insomnia? Mind racing at night? Worries keeping you up? Tune in for a bedtime story that lets you forget your problems and puts you to sleep
  • Articles, Blogs, and Websites
    • Mindful Eating
      • Tips on how to listen to your body and pick up on hunger cues. Mindful eating allows for individuals to eat based on when they are hungry and not give in to mindless indulgence or underfeeding themselves.
    • At Home Workouts
      • Workouts for those at varying fitness levels designed to be completed at home using household items or bodyweight only. 
    • Responsible Drinking
      • For students over 21, who may be consuming alcohol for frequently than normal, these are tips to remind them to drink responsibly. Students may also be engaging in digital happy hours and "drinking challenges" online, so this site can serve as a reminder of the risks of binge drinking and how to set proper limits. 
  • Apps
    • Sleep Cycle
      • Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep and wakes you up at the most appropriate time in your sleep cycle, so you can feel less groggy waking up.