Student Organizations

Student organizations are one of the best ways to get involved on campus. Assembled under an array of causes, identities, and interests, student organizations at the George Washington University put on some of the most highly anticipated campus events and offer endless opportunities for involvement and leadership each year! GW offers over 500+ student organizations, so there is something for everyone!


Active student organizations


of GW students are involved in at least one student organization 



GW’s gateway to all student organizations is Engage, an online platform that allows students to connect with opportunities for involvement. It’s where you can access information about any student organization at GW, find out about events and activities on campus, manage your organization’s communications and finances, and stay up to date with life outside of the classroom. Use the search bar in GW Engage to search by organization name, event name, keyword, or category.

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Lydia Obi

"My first year at GW, I signed up for many student orgs because I was excited to get my hands on as many college experiences as I could. Plural because when you join student organizations, you dip your toes in many industries and categories of life, and discover passions you probably didn't even know existed."

Lydia Obi
Student Organization Leader 



Black Student Union

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union’s goal is to create a Black experience where all Black students feel supported, welcomed, advocated for, and cared for through programming, service, public forums for discussion, and collaboration across organizations and identities.

Artist Blackbear performing on stage at 2019 Spring Fling

Program Board

Program Board is a diverse, student-run coalition that dedicates itself to uniting and engaging with The George Washington University community through accessible and inclusive events. We promise to enhance the student experience as we are committed to connecting directly with students, administration, and alumni.

GW Trails

GW Trails is GW’s outdoor adventure and leadership program that is committed to connecting the GW community to the outdoors through weekly adventure trips.

Student Association

Student Association

The mission of the Student Association is to further the interests and promote the welfare of all students at GW. Our responsibilities are defined in four ways: to advocateallocateadvertise, and assist.