Student Org COVID-19 Guidelines

Updated on July 11, 2022

Organizations remain a central facet of the student experience and we look forward to supporting your organizations in once again hosting in-person activities and events. 

With the prevalence of COVID-19 variants and varying vaccine and transmission levels across the globe, event and travel guidelines are subject to change based on local and national public health guidance. Flexibility and contingency planning will continue to be important throughout this year. Organizations should look for flexible cancellation policies when paying registration fees and when booking speakers, venues, travel, and accommodations. 

All students must continue to comply with any university COVID-19 guidelines, including vaccination, mask wearing, and testing requirements. The Office of Student Life will continue to monitor university and local guidance and may establish additional student organization restrictions if deemed necessary.  You can continue to find university-wide COVID-19 information on the Onward GW website.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out to your Staff Advisor or Org Help with any questions. 


Organizations are strongly encouraged to collect registrations and take attendance at in-person events, regardless of event location, size, and type. Records should be retained for two weeks for the purposes of contact tracing, should the need arise. Every member of the GW community has an Engage Event Pass (unique QR code) to allow them to quickly check-in to events. Organizations may utilize the CampusLabs Event Check-In App to scan attendees Event Passes and keep attendance records. 

Food and drinks may be served at events. Weather permitting, outdoor receptions and events are encouraged. If indoors, consider sitting apart from others or in very small groups. Attendees may briefly remove their mask while actively eating and drinking but must immediately replace it. 

Events with alcohol must continue to be registered and approved through Engage.

While D.C. has lifted local restrictions on event capacity. Organizations must continue to observe room capacities. Do not over crowd spaces and allow for some social distancing when possible.

Outside (non GW) guests are allowed in public buildings and non-public buildings.

All guests must abide by local, university, and student organization policies. Student organizations are responsible for the actions of their guests on-campus. 

Be advised that event and travel restrictions may change with little notice. Organizations should look for flexible cancellation policies when paying registration fees and when booking speakers, venues, catering, etc. Organizations will remain financially responsible for payment if cancellations or refunds are not possible. Work with your Staff Advisor or Org Help to discuss your questions and concerns before moving forward with any contracts.


Masks are required indoors at all GW-owned and -operated facilities. The District also requires masks to be worn indoors at all establishments.  You may briefly remove your mask while actively eating and drinking.

On-Campus Space Reservations

Student organizations may now book on-campus space for the 2022-2023 academic year as space reservation systems become available. You can learn more about space reservations through the Student Center website.

As an urban campus, space is limited and must be shared by all. Student organizations should evaluate what meetings and activities would be appropriate to keep in the virtual space. Online meetings can be more accessible and efficient, as well as free up space for other events that strongly benefit from in-person interactions. For example, e-board and general body meetings primarily consisting of updates and task assignments are well suited for Zoom or Webex. Virtual events are also great ways to hear from speakers from anywhere without the added time and cost of travel.

Performance Groups

Masks must be worn when singing, dancing, and performing inside. Brass and woodwind instruments will require a bell cover and slitted mask. Performers should switch to a full mask when not playing.

Unmasked rehearsals and performances can occur outdoors. We recommend organizations limit indoor rehearsals and practices to less than one hour.

Performers may have the option to unmask on stage for a performance if they are at least 6 feet from the audience, and if they had a negative COVID test within 48 hours of the performance. A performance group’s president should reach out to [email protected] at least two weeks prior to a performance to request and coordinate this option.


International travel for student organizations is currently permitted on a case-by-case basis. Organizations interested in traveling internationally must contact Org Help ([email protected]) for approval prior to making any arrangements.  Organizations may travel domestically. Any travel outside D.C.’s I-495 Beltway must be registered with and approved by the Office of Student Life. Look for flexible cancellation policies when paying event registration fees and booking travel and overnight accommodations. Organizations will remain financially responsible for non-refundable charges should travel become restricted or events canceled due to the pandemic.


Visitors (non-GW individuals, including speakers, coaches, vendors, etc.) must agree to abide by GW COVID-19 Protocols and Visitor Requirements