First-Gen Programming & Opportunities

Founding Scholars

Founding Scholars welcomes incoming first-generation college students to life at GW through on-campus activities and outings in D.C. Students will build community with other first-gen students, connect with faculty & staff, and learn about valuable academic and campus resources. By addressing the unique characteristics of this population, the goal of Founding Scholars is to reduce barriers between first-gen students and continuing generation peers thereby catapulting students to a successful start to their college experience.

"Founding Scholars was the best way to start my journey at GW! I found a community, learned how to navigate GW, and experience the DC area. It gave me peace of mind knowing I wasn't doing this alone. Being a first-generation student, it's hard to find where you belong, but look no further than right here with this GW first-generation community."

Rayaan Ahmed
Class of 2023
First-Generation Student

First Friday Dinners & Workshops

Held on the first Friday of every month, these free dinners and workshops help build a stronger first-generation student community. The dinners offer a casual setting where all first-gen students have the opportunity to get to know other first-gen students and build an invaluable network of peers.

Prior to dinner, a 45-minute skill development workshop is offered that engages students in discussion regarding campus resources and provides tangible resources to support a successful college experience. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to academic support, managing your finances, healthy eating on a budget, career coaching, and more. (student suggestions are welcome)

“First Friday Dinner was one of the most instrumental programs for my transition to GW. It gave me a place to relax and get to know students that come from similar backgrounds. Without it, I do not believe I would have transitioned into GW as well as I did.”

Grace Elmore
Class of 2020
First-Generation Student