Reserve a Study Space

GW students living on campus during the fall 2020 semester can reserve study spaces in the Marvin Center and District House. Special social distancing guidelines will be in place. If you need assistance, contact the Student Activities Center team at [email protected] or 202-994-6555.  


All GWorld cards for students, faculty and staff, except for those who have been granted special permission to be on campus this fall, were turned off at 5 p.m. on August 28. Only those with access to campus will be able to utilize study spaces. For more information please visit


Empty activity room with podium and projection screen pulled down at front of room

District House

The B1 and B2 levels of District House are home to several reservable rooms for study spaces. 

Reserve District House Space

Library study room with four rows of four tables each and one chair at each table

Library Spaces

Study rooms are available in Gelman Library and Virginia Science and Technology Campus Library.

Reserve Library Space

Space Inventory & Capacities


800 21st St NW


Monday - Friday 8am-8pm

Saturday - Sunday 10am-6pm

The Marvin Center spaces include:

  • Marvin Center major spaces (Grand Ballroom, Continental Ballroom, Amphitheater, Betts Theatre, Room 309)
  • Marvin Center meeting rooms, study spaces, and 5th Floor Activity Space


G07 - 1 

G08 - 1 

G09 - 1 

G10 - 1 

G12 - 1 

G14 - 1 

G15 - 1 

G16 - 1 

400 - 1 

401 - 1  


2121 H ST NW


Monday - Friday 8am-8pm

Saturday - Sunday 10am-6pm

The lower B1 and B2 levels of District House contain 9 reservable student rooms.


B114 - 4

B115 - 1

B116 - 1

B117 - 5

B118 - 3

B205 - 5

B206 - 2

B207 - 4

Dance Studio - 1


The GW Library spaces include:

  • Gelman Library 
  • Virginia Science and Technology Campus Library


All occupancy guidelines for each space must be followed.

Failure to adhere to the occupancy within a space will result in a requirement to vacate the space.

All occupants within the space must follow all university and SAC policies, including but not limited to:

  • Maintaining proper social distancing
  • Wearing a face mask or covering at all times
  • Sanitizing the contact surfaces before and after use

Please consult the university's COVID-19 website for a comprehensive listing of expectations and policies. 

Technology available within each space is included in the reservation form.

If you need assistance with audio or visual needs in a space, please call (202) 994-3605.

For general space support and questions, please contact the Student Activities Center team within the Division for Student Affairs.

[email protected]

(202) 994-6555

In case of emergency, please call GWPD: (202) 994-6111