Midnight Breakfast Thursday, Dec. 9 | 10 PM - 12 AM | University Student Center

Midnight Breakfast is an annual GW tradition that invites students to take a break from preparing for final exams, reconnect with friends, enjoy some food, and participate in a variety of engaging activities.


GW students being served noodles at Midnight Breakfast


At Midnight Breakfast, there's a late night snack for everyone, from waffles and donuts to pizza and popcorn.

GW students playing on a virtual snowmobile arcade game


We're going out of this world with 5 floors of food and games, including cosmic karaoke, a blacklight arcade, crafts, and so much more!

Two GW students interacting with a giant Lite Brite board with "GW" displayed


It's not a campus tradition without official merch! Attend for your chance to win big prizes, like a weighted blanket, portable projector, GW swag, or an iPad.

Activity Spotlight

Plush hippo resting on a table



Build a Study Buddy with Program Board

Everyone could use a study buddy, so we've teamed up with Program Board so you can build your own plush hippo to keep you company while you prepare to ace all your final exams.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can sign up to participate in this activity - study buddies are limited!

GW students laughing while playing video games at Midnight Breakfast



Video Games with GW Esports

Maybe your ideal way to unwind and take a study break is to play some video games. GW Esports has that covered!

Stay tuned for more information about the types of games we'll have at the event, as well as how you could win a Nintendo Switch Lite!