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The Office of Student Life at the George Washington University supports the community of engaged students by creating meaningful traditions, fostering opportunities for involvement, and contributing to a lasting institutional affinity. There are many programs that the Office of Student Life considers cornerstone events. Through these events, we help students identify university resources pertinent to their needs, build connections within the GW community, and recognize the academic components found within co-curricular programs.


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Student Life Events Spotlight

Student Life Events 2022 October Flyer


This Month's Events

Hey GW! Looking to find something to do on campus? We've got you covered!

Take a look at all of the Student Life events coming up this month.


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Explore Different Organizations and Get Involved Early



“Getting to know upperclassmen during orientation and Welcome Week helped me build a relationship with people who looked out for me my first year. During my first year I made it a priority to be present at a lot of events which resulted in me being in the position to meet new people and explore different organizations that were of interest at the time. Getting involved early also allowed me to invest in the organizations that I saw myself being apart throughout my four years at GW.”

-Khari Crooms, Class of 2022 



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