Mission and Values



The Division for Student Affairs engages and supports student learning by creating communities which foster personal development. Students are offered opportunities, services, and activities that promote connectedness, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.  The Student Affairs team is comprehensive, collaborative, and supports the institutional mission to be academically rigorous and simultaneously student-centered. 





We continually seek opportunities for collaboration and partnership with students, faculty, and staff to maximize the reach and efficiency of programs and engage more authentically with the communities we serve.



We strive for continuous growth and innovation by exploring new approaches, strategies, and partnerships while advocating for students, faculty, and staff in our endeavors.



We value and include people from different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives in the pursuit of our common goals. 



Through knowledge, creativity, and innovation, we strive for distinction and continuous improvement in our work to positively impact and augment the student experience outside of the classroom.



We promote an honest, fair, open, and accountable environment where all voices are heard and considered in our mutual pursuit to positively contribute to the student experience.



We work to curate a transparent and open relationship between each Division for Student Affairs unit and between DSA and the GW community.



We work to provide service and support that is compassionate, welcoming, accessible, and efficient, understanding and valuing those we interact with as individuals.