Adapt, Discover & Thrive at GW


Thrive GW was an initiative of the Office of Student Life for 2020-21, that paired each new undergraduate student with a trained Guide. Guides helped new students orient to and engage in the GW community and find the necessary support to foster student success. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and virtual instruction period, these staff Guides served as trained, experienced, and enthusiastic “anchors” to help first-year students feel connected to GW. 


The Thrive GW program is currently on pause for the 2021-2022 academic year. If you are a new student in need of support, we encourage you to send us an email and browse the resources on our website

Program Goals

The goals of these interactions will be aligned with the holistic mission to orient, connect, and support GW students. Examples of interactions include: touching base about GW arrival logistics, student engagement opportunities, career development resources, and recreational activities near campus. These interactions will focus on interpersonal, career, wellness, professional, and leadership development, leaving academic advising to the experts in the schools.

Student Benefits

  • Have an experienced, trained member of the GW community as a point of contact during your first year
  • Create and expand your personal and professional GW networks
  • Learn more about GW’s services, resources, events, and activities to support your success
  • Learn more about Washington, D.C. and its recreational, artistic, and social activities

Thrive Guides

Thrive Guides are members of the GW community who help orient, connect, and support incoming first-year students. Guides will serve as coaches, role models, and referral agents to introduce GW’s first year students to the Washington, D.C. community and GW student life.

Guide Benefits

  • Give Back to the GW Community: your steady leadership and guidance will support news student's transition to GW
  • Expand your Network: you will enhance your professional and personal networks on campus
  • Learn More About GW: guide training will provide individuals with a more comprehensive knowledge of GW’s academic offerings, services, and resources
  • Changing One Life at a Time: this program is in the spirit of GW’s mission to change the world one, life at a time. Your care and leadership will enable GW students to “adapt, discover, and thrive"