Who is the O-Team?

The O-Team is the term used when referring to all members of the student Orientation team. This includes Orientation Leaders (OLs), Orientation Peer Advisors (OPAs), and Student Coordinators (StuCos). 

Interested in joining the O-Team?

Information about each role is available below, and information about applying for these positions will be available soon!

Current undergraduate students who guide a group of incoming new students through their Orientation experience, through small group, programming and leadership activities.

Current undergraduate students who serve on the student leadership team charged with contributing to the overall Orientation program and training of OLs. OPAs also serve as paraprofessional staff and are assigned a group of OLs.

Current undergraduate students who serve on the student leadership team charged with contributing to the overall Orientation program planning and selection and training of OLs. Stu Cos also serve as paraprofessional staff, work closely with professional staff during the academic year, and are each assigned OPAs to supervise. 

Orientation Peer Advisors and Student Coordinators on stage during the Buff and Blue Kickoff


Orientation Peer Advisors and Student Coordinators posing for a picture



Meet the 2022 Orientation Leadership Team

Thank you to the 2021 O-Team for an incredible Orientation Week! 

"Orientation was an amazing experience and I hope to return in any capacity so I can continue to introduce students to the community I know and love. The friends and connections I have made through the OL experience are incredible and I would love to continue growing our small family."

2021 Orientation Leader

 How do I join the O-Team?

Recruitment, applications and information about the process to become an Orientation Leader (OL) and Orientation Peer Advisor (OPA) become available at the beginning of the Spring Semester. Be sure to check back on our website, and on social media at @studentlifeatgw for information about applying. 

Additionally, the Student Coordinator selection process takes place in the Fall Semester and is handled internally via email communication to past O-Team members.

For additional information, or questions please email [email protected].

After recruitment launches in the Spring Semester, please join our leadership team virtually for an opportunity to learn about the O-Team, application process, roles and more. Sessions are not required but encouraged. If you are unable to attend and would like to meet with someone from our team or have questions please email: [email protected].

O-Team applications will be available online via Engage. The application allows the O-Team Leadership the opportunity to learn more about you and why you want to be on the O-Team. Before applying to be an Orientation Leader or Orientation Peer Advisor it is recommended that you attend an information session and read the job description carefully. Please note: in order to apply to be an OPA you must have been an OL previously. 

After our the Leadership Team reviews applications, if you are selected to move forward in the process, you will be invited to participate in interviews. For Orientation Leaders (OL) and Orientation Peer Advisors (OPA) the process looks slightly different. 

Orientation Peer Advisor (OPA)

OPAs will be invited to participate in individual interviews with our team. 

Orientation Leader (OL)

OLs will be invited to participate in group interviews including members of our team past and present. 

Our process wraps up with us notifying candidates about decisions around Spring Break via the email submitted with the initial application.

Following selection new O-Team members will have training throughout the Spring and Summer months leading up to the Fall New Student Orientation Program. 

Still have questions? No problem! You can follow @StudentLifeatGW on Instagram for more insight into the GW student experience and life on campus. Email [email protected] with any questions or concerns about the New Student Orientation process.