About Our Office

Orientation, Class Year, and Families Programs commits to holistically engage students, families, and supporters in their transitions, experiences, and milestones by cultivating connection, community, and belonging throughout their GW journey.


Program Outcomes for Orientation
  • Aid new students in making a transition from their previous environment to the GW and DC community
  • Inform new students of campus resources and services available to support them during their time as a student
  • Facilitate academic advising and class registration processes prior to arrival on-campus
  • Educate new students of their rights and responsibilities within the campus community
  • Enhance new students’ understanding of strategies for success in a rigorous academic environment in an urban setting
  • Provide new students the opportunities to connect with other GW students, staff, and faculty
  • Familiarize new students with the campus environment and physical facilities, as well as the DC transit system and neighborhoods
  • Provide programming that allows new students to build connection and affinity to the GW and DC community
Learning Outcomes: Orientation and First-Year Programs
  • Understand basic academic requirements and expectations, to include the advising process, student role in advising, core curriculum requirements, and responsibilities of being a student here at GW; successfully register for a full course load
  • Be knowledgeable and aware of their identities and the diverse identities of others in the GW community
  • Begin to understand their role in the larger University and DC community as it relates to community expectations, standards, and respect
  • Establish at least one connection with another student
  • Be knowledgeable of the extracurricular opportunities and wellbeing resources available to them
  • Begin to establish community and relationships within their residence hall to create a sense of belonging
  • Be able to identify transition issues they may face and develop strategies to help manage these transitions, including identifying available resources on-campus
  • Be able to identify support structures in place on and around campus to help them throughout their time as a student (from matriculation through graduation)
  • Understand how to engage with faculty and staff and feel comfortable seeking appropriate assistance
  • Feel a sense of belonging within the GW community, participate in campus traditions, and begin to build unity within the incoming class

Orientation Team

The Orientation Team (O-Team) is made up of an invaluable set of Professional Staff and student leaders, who all work together to develop, plan, and execute a successful Orientation experience for new students and families as they join the GW community.

Are you a student interested in working as a student leader with Orientation? Learn more about Joining the O-Team!


Professional Staff

The Orientation, Class Year & Families Programs Professional Staff team has been growing - learn more about the OCYFP Professional Staff!

Student Coordinators

Student Coordinators, or StuCos, are current undergraduate students who serve on the student leadership team charged with contributing to the overall Orientation program planning. Additionally, StuCos aid in the recruitment, selection, and training processes of our Orientation Leaders (OLs). StuCos also serve as paraprofessional staff and work closely with professional staff during the academic year. Each StuCo has previously served GW either in Orientation, Class Year & Families Programs and return to continue diligently serving GW’s new students and families.

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OLs) are current undergraduate students who guide groups of incoming new students through their Orientation experience and the transition to life at GW. OLs receive training in the Spring and Summer to learn how to best lead new students through small group meetings, activities, class registration, and more. Learn more about Becoming an Orientation Leader!

Weeks of Welcome Leaders

A recent position added in Fall 2023, Weeks of Welcome Leaders (WOWLs) are current undergraduate students support many of the logistical aspects of our in-person Orientation program and Weeks of Welcome events and activities. These leaders receive training in the days leading up to Orientation about how to best support the incoming students and their transition to GW. Learn more about Becoming a Weeks of Welcome Leader!

Our Location

Orientation, Class Year & Families Programs is located in room 242 of the University Student Center.