Student Organization Annual Registration




Engage Portal Re-Registration // Budget Submission for 2020-2021 // 5 ELS Sessions, 1 MUST be a Title IX session

Each year, student organizations must re-register with the Office for the Student Experience. In order to continue to be an active registered student organization for the upcoming academic year, your organization must re-register during this time. The re-registration deadline will be announced each year during the spring semester.

In 2020, Student Organization Annual Registration begins March 1 and ends March 26, 2020 at noon. In order to be an active registered student organization for the 2020-2021 academic year, your organization must register during this time.

Follow this step-by-step guide to submitting your re-registration in Engage.

Here are some ways to get your organization prepared for registration:

  • Attend Excellence in Leadership Seminar sessions. If your organization has not received participation credit for 5 ELS sessions by March 20, 2020 you will not be able to continue as a recognized student organization. One of your five ELS sessions must be a Title IX ELS session.
  • Update your members in your Engage portal. All active members should be added to your organization’s portal. Portals must have at least 10 members to maintain recognition.
  • Update up your organization’s constitution. Please review the Writing a Constitution Guide and ensure your organization’s constitution meets all of the requirements. You will be prompted to upload your updated constitution within the registration portal. 
  • Start preparing your SA annual budget request. Annual allocation requests due March 26, 2020 at noon. Check out the SA Finance webpage to learn more about the process. (You can also attend an ELS training session with the SA Finance Committee.)
  • Request office and/or storage space on campus. The Student Association reviews all requests for office and storage space as a part of the registration application. Organizations that currently have office and/or storage space will be required to re-apply for the space for 2020-2021, and it is not guaranteed that the space will be granted for a following year. Contact the Student Association if you have questions regarding this process.

Questions? Contact your staff advisor or [email protected].