Org Travel


All student organization travel outside of DC’s I-495 Beltway must be registered at least 10 business days in advance.

  • Travel is registered via Engage through the Travel Registration form. 
  • Travel registration must be accompanied by the Travel Participation Waiver, which includes a signature and emergency contact for each student traveling. 
  • International travel has a different procedure that must be completed 8 weeks prior to travel. Please speak with your assigned advisor if applicable or email Org Help to start this process. 
  • Unregistered trips are not eligible for reimbursement and put the organization’s registration status at risk.
  • Travel accommodations are booked in Engage as part of a spending request. Contact the Finance Team for assistance with booking flights. Rental vehicles (cars and minivans) and hotels are booked by Student Life automatically based upon information provided in the spending request.
  • Note: Enterprise is the approved rental vehicle company for GW student organizations. Vehicles available include cars and minivans. Local Enterprise locations do not typically keep 12-passenger vans in their inventory.

International Travel (PDF)

Student Driver Authorization Form (PDF)

Any student driving on behalf of a student organization must be an authorized driver. Students should complete the authorized driver application above, sign it, and submit it to their advisor or email Org Help along with a copy of their driver’s license. Following submission, students will be prompted to complete an online driver safety training and the Office of Health and Safety will conduct a Motor Vehicles Records (MVR) check. Students are not authorized to drive until they receive a notification. The process can take several weeks.

  • Only students who are 20+ and an authorized driver may drive Enterprise rental cars for their student organization. Enterprise is the only rental car company authorized for use by GW student orgs.
  • Each authorized driver is approved to drive a maximum of 250 miles at a time. Traveling in excess of 250 miles requires a change of drivers. If an organization is driving in excess of 500 miles round trip, an overnight stay is required.

Travel Participation Waiver (PDF)