Org Policies & Resources

Whether you are looking for more information planning an event or you need help navigating Engage, use the resources below designed to assist your organization. For an inclusive listing of policies governing student organizations, please consult the Student Organization Handbook (PDF) and the Student Code of Conduct. Student organizations are responsible for following all policies outlined in both documents.  

Recent updates to the Student Organization Handbook include, but are not limited to:

  • Page 69: Removal of requirement for all on-campus events with alcohol to have campus police present (10/6/23)
  • Page 52: Students may be reimbursed for student organization purchases of no less that $25 and no more than $500 (10/6/23)
  • Page 58: Marketing materials may not be posted on building exterior walls (10/6/23)
  • Events with Alcohol policy: The number of allowable drink tickets is reduced from 6 to 3 (10/6/23)
  • Petty Cash is no longer available (Fall 2023)


Student Organization Handbook
(Last Updated 10/2/23)


To report a student organization policy violation, including hazing, discriminatory harassment, or unlawful discrimination, please submit an incident report form. To better inform decisions related to organizational membership, the Division for Student Affairs publishes a list of student organizations with conduct violations

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