Student Organization Policies and Guidelines

If you have any questions about a particular policy, please contact your student organization's staff advisor, call the Office for Student Experience front desk at 202-994-6555, or email [email protected]. Staff advisors are listed on each organization's Engage profile.

2019 Student Org Requirements

Student Organization Handbook

Please note that the Student Organization Handbook is currently being updated. If you have questions about student organization policies and procedures, please email: [email protected] or stop by the Student Organization Resource Desk. The Policy Cheat Sheet below synthesizes many of our most salient polices for your convenience, but please be sure to consult the handbook, [email protected], or your advisor. 

Click here to download the Student Organization Handbook.



All contracts or agreements with parties external to GW must be approved by a student organization’s staff advisor and signed by the designated GW signatory.  If your student organization is hosting a program with a vendor/performer, then a contract must be completed through the Office for the Student Experience. This process must be completed before advertising for the event. to start the process, complete the Contract information Sheet.  Students are not permitted to sign any external agreement under any circumstances. Please note that GW's standard terms of payment are NET 30, meaning we do not issue payment until 30 days after the event. All vendors must be registered in iSupply in order to receive payment. 

Contract Information Sheet


Recently, the University transitioned to an online system for the processing of reimbursements and check-to-vendor payments.  As a result of this change, we must add students into a payment system, which does slow our ability to process reimbursements for a large number of different individuals.  In order to streamline the process and ensure that students are being paid back in a timely manner, we have decided to put new policies in place that will allow us to process reimbursements more efficiently. 
Highlights are below . Read the full policy here. 
  • Reimbursements for amounts $50 and less will be distributed via petty cash and should be submitted via purchase request for petty cash. Any organization member is eligible to receive reimbursements for amounts $50 and less. 
  • Reimbursements for amounts greater than $50 will only be distributed to an organization's registered reimbursement recipients. A maximum of three students per organization, per semester, may register to receive reimbursement. In order to register your organization’s reimbursement recipients, one designee from each organization should complete this form
Please note that we encourage student organizations to avoid reimbursements. Repayment of funds typically takes 4-6 weeks and there are a number of viable alternatives, including GW credit card and petty cash. Please contact your advisor or [email protected] for assistance. 

Travel Forms

Student organizations must register all organizational travel outside of the Washington, DC I-495 Beltway at least 7 business days in advance. Student organizations that fail to register organizational travel risk their registration status and forfeit any and all use of organizational funds for travel costs or reimbursement of travel costs. Organizations must complete the Travel Registration form on Engage at least seven business days in advance of their trip. 

Student Organization Domestic Travel: Student organizations traveling within the U.S. should complete the travel registration form on Engage. Ensure that the travel participation waiver is completely filled out prior to beginning the form, including a signature and emergency contact.

Student Org International Travel Application: A submitted and fully approved application is required for student organizations traveling abroad - this includes organizations traveling together as a group as well as individual travel that is affiliated with or through a student organization. Organizations traveling as a group (same travel arrangements and itinerary) should designate a point of contact to submit one application on behalf of the organization. Once that application is approved, each traveling member will be added to the application and notified of additional steps via email. When completing the application for international travel, please take time to review the security and safety profile and provide thorough risk mitigation plans, even for areas of low to moderate risk (n/a is not an acceptable response).  FULL GUIDE TO INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL

Please do not make travel arrangements until your application has been approved. All applications for international travel affiliated with a student organization must be completed through this specific link:

Student Driver Guidelines: Please note that any student driving any vehicle on behalf of the University or for a University event must be an authorized driver (see driver authorization application below). Please also review the Motor Vehicle Safety Policy and the Student Driver Guidelines. Per University regulations, each student driver is approved to drive a maximum of 250 miles at a time.  Traveling in excess of 250 miles requires a change of drivers. If an organization is driving in excess of 500 miles round trip, an overnight stay is required. 

Any student who rents a vehicle (Enterprise) for GW business must meet the following requirements:

  • Become an authorized driver
  • Be 20 years of age or older and have 1-year driving experience.
  • Be a licensed driver
  • All students driving 10-passenger and above vehicles must be 21 years old.

We strongly discourage students from using their personal vehicles (including ZipCar) for GW business. For students driving their own personal vehicles on GW business, there is no coverage offered by GW, i.e. no coverage for physical damage and no coverage for liability. The student would need to seek coverage from his or her personal insurance company. In no event will GW's automobile insurance policy respond to any vehicles that are driven by a student that are not owned, leased or rented by GW. 

Driver Authorization Application:  This form shall be completed by persons who may, for any reason, need to drive a University owned vehicle, or a vehicle leased or rented for the purpose of transporting passengers, regardless of their status as an employee (e.g., faculty, staff, etc.), student, student-employee or volunteer. Students should send the completed form, along with a photo/scan of their drivers license to their organization's staff advisor. Organization staff advisor must sign and will then submit on your behalf. Students should allow 10 business days to become an authorized driver.

Other Policy Information & Resources

Approved Printing Vendors: Only approved vendors are permitted to print merchandise with the GW logo. 

GW Merchandise and Trademark Guidelines for Student Organizations: Any merchandise with the GW instutional mark (verbiage or logo) must follow these guidelines. Student organizations utilizing University funds (revenue or SA)  must include their student organization name and University mark as described in these guidelines. 

Artwork Approval Form: All printed merchandise with the GW logo must be approved by the GW's Licensing and Tradmark Program before the vendor will print it. Submit your artwork for approval by LTP using this form. All merchandise must follow the guidelines outlined above. 

Postering & "Dorm Storm" Policy

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