Event Signage

Promote your upcoming event through digital signage and various poster display locations

Digital Signage

Events taking place in the Student Center, District House, Outdoor Spaces or Online can be advertised on the digital signage screens in the Student Center and District House.

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Bulletin boards

Student Center: Posters are only permitted on bulletin boards. Posting on bulletin boards that are specifically designated for GW departments is not permitted.

District House: Posters are only permitted on painted surfaces or bulletin boards. Posting on glass surfaces is not permitted.

Please note: Posters displayed in prohibited locations are subject to removal

Student Center elevator posters 

Events taking place in the Student Center can be advertised through posters, which will be displayed in the Student Center elevator poster display cases. 

Poster must meet the following criteria:

  • Portrait orientation
  • Size 8 ½ x 11 inches (Letter)
  • Should advertise an event taking place in the University Student Center
  • Include the event title, date, time and location
  • Include a contact name and phone number/email address for viewer questions
  • Include the GW institutional logo

For examples of logos, please visit https://creativeservices.gwu.edu/logos

*Posters size 11 x 17 inches (Tabloid) and/or advertising campus-wide events will only be posted if availability allows.

Please submit 3 copies of the poster to Student Center Suite 304 for review.

For questions regarding event signage, please email [email protected]